Osh Murghab Wakhan Khorog - Dushanbe. Through Wakhan Corridor to Pamir Highway. 7 Days

Pamir Grand Trip in 7 Days
Osh Murghab Wakhan Khorog - Dushanbe

Through Wakhan Corridor to Pamir Highway

Day 1. Osh Sary-Tash (216 km, 7-8 hours of driving including stops)
Transfer from the Osh Airport to hotel. Osh City Tour: visit Sulaimon Too and Osh Bazaar. In the afternoon heading to Sary Tash, last Kyrgyz village on our route. In the evening, if no clouds on the horizon, enjoy the view of Peak Lenin (7134 m). Overnight in a guest-house in Sary-Tash. 216 km

Altitudes above sea level during the day: end of the beginning of the day - 909 m in Osh, the highest pass Taldyk 358m  and at end of the day - 3153m in SaryTash.

Day 2. Sary-Tash Murghab (240km, 8-10 hours of driving)
Driving towards the biggest lake in Tajikistan Karakul via Bordobo-KyzylArt Kyrgyz-Tajik border check post. Hiking along the Karakul Lake. In the afternoon continue driving to Murghab via the highest pass in former Soviet Union, Ak-Baital (4656m). Short stop near the fist Tsarist Russian military base in the Pamirs. Murghab sightseeing: local bazaar and handicraft shops. Overnight in Hotel Pamir or homestay in Murghab. 240 km.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  the day - 3153m in SaryTash, highest  point  4656m Ak Baital, at  the end of day 3630m in Murgab.

Day 3. Murghab - Langar (275km, 10-12 hours of driving)
Driving to Bulunkul settlement (the coldest place in Tajikistan) with few stops on Sassykkul and Tuzkul lakes. Departing Bulunkul and driving to Langar, the first settlement in the Tajik Wakhan on our way along the Pamir River via Khargush Pass (4344 m). Short hike to Ratm Fortress watch tower (wonderful view). Kind of isolated area with wild life. Overnight in a homestay in Langar. 275km.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  the day - 3630m in Murgab highest  point  4344m Khargush Pass., at  the end of day 2790m in Langar
Day 4. Langar Khorog (246km, 7-8 hours of driving)
Driving to Khorog. On the way visit the Museum of Sufi Muboraki Wakhoni, astronomer and scholar of the 19th century, ruins of Yamchun fortresses (3-1 centuries BCE), soak in Bibi-Fotima hot spring. Overnight in a homestay in Khorog. 246km

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  the day - 2790m in Langar, at  the end of day 2200m in Khorog.

Day 5. Khorog Jizev (132km, 6-7 hours of driving)
Khorog City tour: Botanical Garden, Historical Museum, City Park, Visitor Information Center and Handicraft shops. Departing Khorog and heading to Bartang. 2-3 hours trekking to Jizev village. In the afternoon discovering the village and hiking along the small lakes. Overnight in a homestay in Jizev village. 132km.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  the day - 2100m in Khorog, at  the end of day 2500m in Jizev.

Day 6. Jizev Kalai-Khumb (225km, 7-8 hours of driving)
Hiking down to the main road. Continue driving to Kalai-Khumb town. On the way enjoying the view of the Afghan villages along the Panj (Oxsus) River. Also visit Womar Fortress in Rushan. Overnight in guesthouse in Kalai-Khumb.  225km.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  the day - 2500m in Jizev, at  the end of day Darvoz 4484m.

Day 7. Kalai-Khumb Dushanbe  (356km, 8-9 hours of driving)
Departing Kalai-Khumb and driving to Dushanbe. Short stop to discover the mausoleum of a poet and scholar of the 14th century Khoja Mir Sayid Hamadani in Kulyab, Hulbuk fortress in Vose and on the viewpoint of Norak Lake Dam. Overnight in a guesthouse/hotel in Dushanbe. 356km

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  the day Darvoz 1295m, the highest point Shurabad pass 2726m on the way, at  the end of day Dushanbe 706m.

Total Distance: 1690km

What you will see: Panj River and its gorges, along the Afghan border / The famous Wakhan valley /Ancient fortresses Kah-Kaha and Yamchun (III-I century BC) / Petroglyphs / Yashilkul fantastic scenery / the Pamir plateau

What you will enjoy: Historical places / bathing in hot springs / amazing scenery of the Afghan Hindu-Kush / Pamiri hospitality /possibility of seeing ducks and Indian goose (Anser Indicus) in their natural habitat

1)Possibility additionally to arrange one more day boating in Murghab River up to Modian village.  
2)One day trekking to Engels Peak  meadow camp.  

Total: 1 pax 1242USD, 2pax 1416USD, 3 pax 1599USD, 4 pax 1794USD

Price includes:

    Transport: 4WD, including fuel
    Reliable driver food and accommodation
    Entrance fees (hot springs, Khorog Museum, Botanical Garden and National Park)
    Office charge including tax

Price does not include:

    Insurance, visa, GBAO permit
    Accommodation and food
    Flights
    Insurance
    All other personal expenses
    Drinks

Accommodation options:
1.    Sary-Tash          -Mirbek or Berdish guesthouse
2.    Murghab           -Hotel Pamir and some other guesthouses
3.    Hissor                -Davlatkon guesthouse, double room and twin room, share bathroom and some  other guesthouses
4.    Khorog               -3*Pamir Alibaba Hotel and Emerald Hotel, homestays and hostels
5.    Jizev                    -Only homestays available
6.    Kalai-Khumb     -district center, 4* Karon Palace and MSDSP guesthouse,
7.    Dushanbe          -3* Meridian Hotel or 3* Vatan Hotel, double room and single room, hostels and apartments are available.